Now that we have hit a new year, you may be feeling motivated to up your wall decor and we'd say go for it! There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank wall in your home and knowing how great it could look, but not knowing where to start. Wall décor is a crucial and important step in decorating any home but is not always the easiest of tasks. Today we wanted to give you some great wall décor ideas and home décor ideas that will spice up your walls and get those creative juices flowing. Get inspired and go get yourself some beautiful wall art.

Add Pops of Colour

A great way to spice up your home, especially if you have cream or white coloured walls is to add pops of colour. Over the years adding neutral tones was all the rage but recently there has been a huge surge in adding bold, colourful artwork to your walls.

Adding bold colours adds personality to your home and brightens up the space, giving it more of a fun, playful kind of aesthetic. Why would you want to stare at boring old walls with bland coloured artwork when you could be showcasing beautiful, bright wall décor that will definitely catch everyone's eyes?

The best part about adding bright artwork to your home is that you only need to buy a few pieces. One colourful painting in your living room can dramatically change the dynamic and liven up the whole space.

Wall Decor

Mirrors Around the House

Mirrors are a cheap and easy way to accessorise your home. This wall décor idea will impress all your guests while keeping your home looking modern and chic.

Mirrors reflect light, helping a smaller space or room feel much larger and brighter, opening up the space dramatically. Hanging oversized mirrors over your fireplace or in the hallway is a great way to add dimension to an area of your home that is typically overlooked.

Plus, having mirrors around your home will ensure you never leave the house with something stuck in your teeth or your hair looking awry!

Keep it Simple

Framing simple solid colours can be a great way to add colour to your home without spending a huge amount of money on fancy pieces.

Adding a simple colour to a frame that matches your home décor is a great way to intertwine some colour that will complement your home without looking too stark.

Use the Wall for Storage

This one isn’t just a great wall décor idea but also a great way to store different items in your home. I am sure you’ve heard of the hat wall. This is basically where you hang up all your hats on the wall in one section, making a statement piece.Plus its super easy to just grab your favourite hat off the wall while you’re on the go.

Add Textured Pieces

You remember those macrame wall hangings that were all the rage in the 70’s? well they have made their way back into the home décor scene. The different style of weavings add texture and can easily warm up plain, bland walls.

The best part about macramé wall hangings is they are incredibly inexpensive, and you can even make a hobby out of it, creating some of your own. Alternatively, you can find an abundance of cute wall hangings on Etsy while also supporting a small business. Double win.

Go Big and Abstract

Large frames undoubtedly make a huge impact. You can’t walk into a home and not notice a huge piece of artwork hanging on the wall. Think big and abstract when it comes to your home décor.

Large scale line drawings or big, basic colourful designs are very simple but effective. You can style them with any colour palette and furniture. The best part, you only need a few around your home in order to make an impact and brighten up your living space.

Display Something Eye Catching/Surprising

Now this home décor idea is not for everyone but if you’re trying to make a statement then displaying wall décor that is surprising and eye catching is the way to go.

A striking piece of art or metal object as a focal point is a great way to start conversation and have visitors in awe. Displaying eye catching items in your home has become more and more common in the 21st century and helps add personality and uniqueness to your home.

Colour Block

Similarly, to adding pops of colour to your home, colour blocking is a great way to catch someone’s eye and brighten up your living space.

Colour blocking involves adding different vibrant colours all in one area of your home. Pick a wall that needs a bit of love and try adding different, bold coloured artwork all in one spot.

This will create a huge focal point in your home and really liven up your space.

Be Bold

For an eye-catching bedroom or bathroom why not opt for one large piece of artwork. Hanging a large frame with a bold piece of art will instantly fill up the space.

Adding artwork to a room like your bathroom will add personality to this space and make it feel more inviting for any guests you have over.

Try Different Shapes

When decorating our home, the majority of people tend to stick to square paintings but why not try out different shapes?

Round pieces of artwork can look great on your walls and add a more personal, unique touch. It shows you really thought about the space and how you can optimise your interior design.

Choose a theme

Maybe you love canvases of the beach or moody artwork of birds. Whatever your preference, why not create a theme around it?

This will no doubt showcase your personality and unique touch, plus it will make your space feel more like home.

Split a Photo

Splitting a painting into 2 -3 different canvases or frames is a great way to make a statement while being relatively inexpensive and easy to implement.

Branch Out

Showcasing artwork on your walls isn’t the only wall décor ideas available. Why not try adding plants around your home to liven up a blank white wall.

This gives your home a more earthy, green aesthetic and can really brighten up a dull room while also having countless health benefits for you.

Book Less Shelves

Another inexpensive, DIY way to wake up your plain wall décor is to add shelves. A built-in bookshelf is an easy way to display plenty of framed artwork while also looking very chic.

This will drastically elevate any room and become a focal point that visitors just cannot ignore. Not only will this make a statement, it will also help add personality to your home.

Showcase Tapestry

Sometimes wall décor can primarily consist of canvases and framed artwork. To spice up your home décor why not try hanging a tapestry or wall hanging. Not only will this stand out and make a statement, but it also adds a huge amount of colour, pattern and different dimensions to your home.

Why not consider framing vintage scarves or other textiles that catch your eye. You can often find these objects at second-hand stores or vintage stores. Plus, they are much easier to pack away when it comes time to move.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall consists of hanging all your favourite pieces all on one large wall, similarly to an art gallery. This will no doubt catch everyone’s eye and is also a great conversation starter.

If you decide to create a gallery wall in your home, you don’t need to focus that much on decorating other walls in your home. This will make a statement so make sure it is in a space like the living room or dining area. A place that you and your family spend most of your time in.

You can add all different sizes and frames to mix things up and really elevate your wall décor.

Paint on the Walls

This one won’t be for everyone, especially if you are renting or planning on selling your home. However, for those who want to go bold and are brave enough, painting straight onto your walls is extremely eye catching and will add an immense amount of personality and uniqueness to your home.

Try painting something minimalistic and abstract. If you want your space to feel bigger you can extend the painting onto the roof. This is a great idea for smaller places such as apartments or studios.

If you are a creative person then you can most likely do this project yourself and create something totally unique to your home. Otherwise, hiring someone to paint on your walls is an excellent way to make any room look more polished while also adding that personal touch that you won’t find in any other home.

There you have it, a few different interior design ideas to brighten and elevate your wall décor. We hope this piece has you inspired to really take a good look at your home and see where you could add some amazing artwork to take your living space to the next level. It can definitely be a gruelling and lengthy process but once you have found the right pieces that work for your home, you will never look back.